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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 8, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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[ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one. good morning, america. so much of the country at a boiling point this morning. scorching temperatures in cities from new york to chicago. bracing for 100-degree heat wave. and the western wildfires burn out of control. smoke billowing for more than 1,000 miles. sex, lies and videotape. anthony weiner's wife says she's staying by his side. new details on what she really believed. as one of the women weiner sent messages to stepped forward to apologize to his wife. vanished. an indiana college student disappears without a trace after a late-night party. what really happened to lauren spierer? her parents join us live. papa prankster. is this the most embarrassing father ever? or, the most adorable? meet the father who transforms himself into a superhero, a rock
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star, a clown, and more. to wave his son off to school. why he did it. and what the son says now. they will both join us live. are you okay? >> i was like, okay. i hit something. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. my mom's visiting from mississippi. she thought she was going to beat the heat. >> she brought it. >> she brought it. steamy weather ahead. so many cities blazing hot today. it's going to feel like 100 degrees from here to new york to chicago. sam will have the latest for us. also, more heat for congressman anthony weiner this morning. he's waking up to new calls for his resignation. more fodder for the ethics investigation he now faces. it turns out that the e-mails he sent to one of the women, a porn star, implies he was trying to get her to lie. we'll get into how that implicates his case. and his wife, one of secretary of state hillary clinton's top aides.
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she is traveling with secretary of state clinton right now. >> out of the country. but we begin with the extreme heat taking hold over the entire eastern half of the country. our sam champion is right outside in times square. temperatures in the high 90s today? >> robin, it's already where it should be for a high temperature in times square. it's been a year of bizarre weather events. we're right in the middle of another one. two-thirds, more than two-thirds of the country will be 90 to 100 degrees. that's 20 degrees above normal in a lot of locations. remember, we are two weeks before summer. it's a summer-like spring scorcher. over two dozen high temperatures toppled on tuesday. triple digits from minneapolis at 103 to jackson, mississippi at 100. and laredo, texas, 107 degrees, the hottest place in the country. also in texas, drought plus extreme heat is forcing some areas to ban fireworks and barbecues. and look at this road in minneapolis. buckling under the excessive
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heat. >> take a look at that temperature here in st. paul. we haven't seen numbers like this in years. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, it's so hot that classes in easton-area schools will be dismissed early all week. imagine what it feels like for police, who have to wear heavy bullet-proof vests. cops are hooking their cars to their vest. to their car's air-conditioning. it's called a cool cop. >> you put it into your vest, it cools you off and puts you in a better state of mind. >> reporter: northern cities like chicago could see their highest temperature since 2006. just a few months ago, we were buried knee deep in a historic blizzard. this morning, a different picture. and that 103-degree reading in minneapolis, the warmest they've seen in 23 years. here's a look at the country today. when we say more than two-thirds at 90 or above, we mean it. look at this -- chicagoland, 94. washington, 96. new york city, 95.
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i think it will be 97. that's going to continue for a couple of days. we'll have all of america's weather when we come back. george? >> boy, that's just around everywhere. and out west, strong winds are fanning the flames of the ferocious wildfire in arizona, that has ravaged hundreds of thousands of acres. clayton sandell is in eagar, arizona. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, george. firefighters struggled overnight to keep this massive wildfire from cresting a nearby ridge and racing down here into town. this morning, they will be at it again. serious effort to try to stop arizona's second-largest wildfire ever, from getting any bigger. overnight, more than 2,000 families ordered to evacuate, eagar, arizona. thousands more, told to be ready to leave. all streaming out of town, as firefighters stream in. as flames begin moving ever-closer to homes, firefighters are trying to contain a massive blaze, twice the size of chicago and growing.
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smoke from the fires now stretches across the midwest, from the dakotas to nebraska. more than 2,000 firefighters are working exhausting, 16-hour shifts. using water-dropping helicopters, flying in smoke so thick they disappear. to fighting fire with fire. this is what a backfire looks like. it was intentionally set by firefighters. the goal is to use up some of this fuel and hopefully head off the main fire. joe is the commander in charge of fighting this blaze. >> this thing is a very fast-moving fire. it doesn't want to stop for anything. >> reporter: that's why gary and linda are getting out. >> we have packed up our clothes, documents, everything. we have everything staged at the back door. about ten minutes, we're out of here. >> all of our clothes are hanging in the car. >> reporter: john and evelyn gray are worried when they get back, their home won't be here. >> it's heartbreaking. it's indescribable, actually. it's kind of like the end of the world, maybe. >> reporter: people who live in
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this place describe it as a little slice of heaven, that now, looks a lot like hell. firefighters will have to contend with more of those hot, dry windy conditions in the coming days. the flames will come closer to town but burning in flat terrain. and firefighters say that will make this fire easier to fight. robin? >> we hope so. clayton, thank you. we turn, now, to the latest on the anthony weiner sexting scandal. the congressman defiantly saying he's going to stay put. he's not going to give up his house seat. and he's not getting support from his colleagues. and there are new calls for his resignation. jon karl has the latest on the hill, as always. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. there is a new poll out today saying that a strong majority of new york city voters say he should not resign. but there are political leaders in both parties saying it is time for anthony weiner to get out of congress. democrat anthony weiner made it
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clear again last night, he's going to fight to keep his job. >> i'm not resigning, no. >> reporter: democratic leader nancy pelosi's call for an ethics investigation is not satisfying republicans. as the chairman of the republican party put it, we do not need an investigation to know he lied and acted inappropriately. we need a resignation. and democrats aren't exactly rushing to his defense. >> i know congressman weiner. i wish there was some way i can defend him. but i can't. >> reporter: in fact, senator reid was asked what he would do if weiner called him for advice. >> call somebody else. >> reporter: weiner's actions were clearly lewd and inappropriate. but the question for the ethics committee is, did he break the rules of the house? >> the rules in the house can often be elaborate. >> reporter: blake chisam is the former staff director of the ethics committee. he says some personal use of government computers is permitted.
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even some incidental use of government computers is allowed. is sending pornography or lewd photographs, is that incidental? >> i think that's going to be difficult. >> reporter: as for the carnival-like atmosphere surrounding the story, donald trump posted on youtube, with his reaction to the scandal. >> the fact is, anthony weiner is a bad guy. he's a psycho. and when this came out, i was not surprised at all. >> reporter: and on late-night tv, jon stewart, a friend of weiner's, continued to lampoon him with his own mock press conference. >> i thought mr. weiner had been deceitful last night. that he was a liar. and i believed his pants to be on fire. >> reporter: more seriously, we heard, now, from former democratic party chairman, tim kaine, saying he believes weiner should resign. that's the first prominent democrat to say weiner should go. >> he's in a senate race in virginia. thanks very much.
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let's get more with our legal analyst, dan abrams about the ethics investigation that weiner could be facing. you saw jon karl talk to the lawyer there. you're not allowed to use official phones, computers for this kind of activity. but the question will be can he argue it's incidental? >> you're not allowed to use it for personal use. but you're allowed to use the phone to call your wife. to call your kids. you're allowed to use the computer to send out e-mails to friends. >> it could work. >> that's right. it becomes a question of interpretation. it's sort of like when a prosecutor decides, i'm going to find a crime here. there was something wrong here. prosecutors can look new statutes. and often find criminal action. it's the same sort of thing. >> you could get the questions of volume as well. if there were hundreds of calls or messages, that could be beyond incidental. >> that's right. the bigger problem for anthony weiner is not, what are they going to find in the end of this investigation. it's going to be, what are they going to find in the process of this investigation.
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>> and we're just starting to learn more right now. we have e-mails right now from congressman weiner to ginger lee. a porn star. they were just last week. as he's giving interviews defending himself, he's sending her e-mails, basically coaching her. he says, the key is to have a short, thought-out statement. i don't know him. this is what he's telling her to say. he briefly followed me and sent me a direct message. saying thank you for the follow. that's it. which tracked what he was telling reporters at the same time. >> this is before the investigation starts. there is nothing officially wrong with it. but this sort of thing would come out in the investigation. this sort of thing is going to lead to more political pressure. in the end, his greater fear has to be his colleagues, who are going to pressure him, rather than the results of an ethics investigation. >> i think there's no question about that. i did several calls on capitol hill yesterday. and it really seems like, this is all about how tough he is and whether he can take it. his colleagues are going to want him to go. who knows what state his marriage is in. what can he do as a congressman after this? that's what he's got to weigh. that's more of a danger than the ethics investigation right now. >> that's right.
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and how the media is going to respond. remember, you can lie to your friends. you can lie to your family. but if you lie to the media on camera, it will be hard to get past. and the media is not going to let go. i mean on the blogs in particular. more pictures may come out. more information. >> that's the question, will anything new come out of it? dan abrams, thank you very much. congressman weiner saying he's not going to resign. we have new information this morning about his wife, as congressman weiner tries to salvage his career. he's intent on saving his marriage, of course. he is one-half of a washington power couple, to huma abedin, who has been an aide to hillary clinton for the last 15 years. claire shipman has more on her story. >> reporter: she is a few thousand miles away from here. she's traveling with hillary clinton to the middle east and africa.
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no doubt relishing the distance. she prides her propriety. and to find herself in the middle of a sex scandal, mind-boggling. abc news has learned that huma abedin was certain of one thing before setting off with hillary clinton. she remains committed to her marriage. we're now learning just how trying that marriage has been in the last few days from friends. she initially believed his story that his twitter account was hacked. and when the congressman finally came clean early monday, she was devastated, say friends. it was her decision not to stand by his side when he gave that tearful, apologetic news conference. but she watched the entire saga on tv from new york. people who know her, say abedin has been leaning on her sister. a new york fashion designer, but she's also been getting advice from her friend, hillary clinton. bill clinton even officiated at her wedding. >> i never felt like i can't say
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what i think or say what i feel. and i feel like my opinion counts. >> reporter: abedin has long been the essence of glamour and power in washington. here in a "vogue" spread about influential women. but she also shuns the spotlight and values discretion. >> huma is one of the most intriguing, interesting high-profile women we don't know. >> reporter: sources say while anguished, she remains the consummate professional at the state department, not missing a beat. for over a decade, huma has been mrs. clinton's gatekeeper and powerful personal aide. everywhere you see hillary, huma is always a step away. over her shoulder. whispering in her ear. a trusted adviser. born in michigan, she was raised to indian and pakistani parents. she speaks fluent arabic. initially, she rebuffed weiner. but he won her over. not an obvious pair. she's muslim. he's jewish. she avoids publicity. he seeks it out. her husband says he told her before they were married about
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his past proclivity for sexting with strangers. but that he assured her it was over. >> we have all seen the calm, cool, collected huma. what we don't know is where her breaking point is. >> reporter: and she has another apology today. a strange one. not from her husband. but one of the women involved, according to tmz, has sent huma abedin a letter. a blackjack dealer in las vegas has apologized to huma abedin. i don't know if that will bring her comfort. but again, she continues to emphasize to friends that she and her husband love each other very much. >> thank you, claire. and the blackjack dealer claims she didn't know. >> you look at the time line, and the messages with her started and really escalated just about a month after they got married. >> and we heard from claire, he told her that he did this before the marriage. >> right. let's turn, now, to josh elliott, for the other stories
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developing. >> good morning, robin, george. and to all of you. we begin with breaking news the man believed to be osama bin laden's successor has released his first video tape since binn laden's death. ayman al zawahiri, seek revenge against the united states. also on the tape, he criticized how the u.s. buried bin laden at sea. calling it unislamic. now, turning to the economy, the government's moneyman, fed chairman, ben bernanke, says the he blames the gas prices and the tsunami that struck japan, among other things. but bernanke predicts that job growth will pick up in the second half of the year. and a wake-up call for americans who do have jobs. a new report predicts 30% of employers, nearly one-third of them will likely stop offering
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health insurance by 2014, when federal health care rules kick in. most workers will hesitate about leaving their jobs. overnight, look at this. a spectacular scene in rhode island. a fire completely enveloping a vacant factory. it was so big that firefighters let it burn. the smoke could be seen ten miles away. the murder trial of casey anthony, more forensic testimony is expected today. one day after a sheriff's deputy took the stand, explaining what he found in anthony's truck. more now from our ashleigh banfield. >> reporter: a bruising day for casey anthony. a parade of garbage from the trunk of her car. anthony says it was the trash that caused her car to smell, not the decomposing body of her daughter. but prosecutors showed there was no food in that trash. and a forensic chemist said
7:17 am
chloroform was also detected. >> were you asked to inspect these items to determine whether you could detect the presence of chloroform? >> yes, i was. >> reporter: that's how prosecutors say anthony killed her daughter. but that trash came back to help her defense. >> you can find chloroform in household items, correct? >> it has been detected in household cleaning agents and other items, yes. >> reporter: but the bad facts kept coming. a canine cadaver dog. his handler testifying they both smelled a dead body in the trunk at the very same time. >> he jumped into the trunk. of course i was overwhelmed at that point. i'm getting it the same time he is. >> reporter: and an attempt to discredit their findings fell flat. >> speculation, is it not? >> i didn't see anything in the trunk. i smelt it, clear as day. >> reporter: a comment that clearly made the prosecutor's day. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news, orlando. >> thank you, ashleigh.
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and finally, a 101-degree fever couldn't stop the man who is becoming the true star of the nba finals. >> say it with some joy. you sound so disappointed. >> going to let it roll. dirk nowitzki was good. >> yes. >> and the mavs were better than the heat. mavs, down nine in the fourth quarter at home. they came back and win 86-83. apparently, nobody wants to win this thing. so, let's see me. yeah. there i go. >> all right. mathematically -- >> mathematically, i'm out. i said the series in five. >> i said the mavs in six. i'm alive. >> you're mathematically alive. >> while i have to believe deep down in inside, miami still wins, george and i, can we get back in, please? >> i'll be the bigger person here. yes. >> i'll take that. what have you got, sam? >> we have our own numbers, robin. big heat, way too early. let's get to the board and show you how what was in the middle
7:19 am
of the country spreads into new england. look at these numbers. it's going to feel like 100 in places like new york city. remember their normal temperatures are about 20 degrees cooler than that. this is short-lived in the great lakes and new england. you drop in minneapolis today. new york city will go today and thursday. thursday is even worse than today and be cooler by friday. chicago, your last day in the 90s. but this heat will stay in the deep south. we'll have all of america's weather in the next half hour.
7:20 am
>> we'll continue to talk about the big heat for at least the next two days. robin and george? >> sam, thank you. coming up, the desperate search for lauren spierer. why did the college student from indiana vanish without a trace? her parents will join us live. and we'll introduce you to the ultimate embarrassing dad. look at these unforgettable costumes he dressed up every day before he sent his son off to school.
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build your better breakfast today. san francisco police are investigating the shooting death of a bank robbery suspect by officers. f.b.i. tracked the southern california bank robber to the haight using a navigation system of a car that it is believed he
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stolen. he tried to run over officers and that is when police opened fired. detectives haven't said if the man was armed. we'll take a look at traffic for you. two separate accidents around highway 4, at bailey road and other is at railroad. live look at the oakland maze, you can see the traffic there isn't so heavy. people getting along okay. metering lights are on, back up to the grand avenue overcrossing.
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welcome back. still tracking flight arrival delays of nearly 30 minutes to sfo. temperature is 49 in redwood city. everybody else in low to mid-50s until antioch and san jose at 57 degrees. sunshine by 1:00 everywhere, seen sun breaking around the coast and mid to upper 70s for most of the bay shore. looks like summer is here. >> thank you very much. news continues now with "good morning america." we share. shop from anywhere. and are always connected. we live in a social world. isn't it time we had a social currency to match? membership rewards points from american express. use them to get the things you love from,, and more unexpected places.
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how is this for a new wave in parenting? every, single day, this father waves to his son's school bus in a different costume all year long. good parenting? great love? or just embarrassing? you're going to meet the father and son here live on "gma" this morning. >> the son is 15 years old? >> 15 or 16. >> that had to go over really well. plus, nip and tuck. it's not just for women anymore. we're going to see what's behind the skyrocketing numbers of men turning back the clock with plastic surgery. we're going to begin with the 20-year-old college student missing since friday. friends say lauren speier walked home early friday morning.
7:31 am
we're going to talk to her parents, robert and charlene. first, barbara pinto has a look at lauren's story. >> reporter: worried volunteers come by the hundreds to search. friends and strangers. >> just thinking about somebody just vanishing, just like that, just without a trace, pretty much, is just scary to me. >> reporter: combing every inch of lauren spierer's neighborhood. for her parents accustomed to hearing from their daughter every day, the search is agonizing. >> somebody knows where lauren is. somebody knows. >> reporter: lauren disappeared before dawn friday. the petite fashion student, 4'11", barely 100 pounds, has a heart condition that requires medication. lauren was seen here, barefoot just three blocks from home. her apartment down this street and almost within sight. but surveillance video confirms
7:32 am
she never made it home. >> we believe there could be foul play involved. >> reporter: making the search even tougher, lauren left her cell phone at the bar. >> there's no leads. nothing. we're clueless. >> reporter: friends have flooded facebook and twitter for help. lauren volunteered with habitat for humanity. and with her sister, planted trees in israel. >> we want to thank our friend and family who donated to our fund-raising. >> reporter: now, those friends and family members desperately search and pray for her safe return. for "good morning america," barbara pinto, abc news, bloomington, arizona. and lauren's parents are in bloomington, indiana, this morning, joining in the search for their daughter. robert and charlene. we hope you know the number of prayers being said for your daughter since she went missing. any new information about the
7:33 am
search? >> the police continue to follow a number of leads. we're not at liberty to disclose anything specific. but every day, they continue to compile more specific information. we have a meeting early this morning with the police to discuss what they've found so far through this morning. >> we understand how they're keeping that information so close to them. but they are communicating with you. we know there's no suspects. but there's been ten persons of interest. have they talked to you about that? >> yes, they have. but it's not something that we can talk about that, you know, outside of our discussions with the police. >> charlene, is there anything that you're hear iing that is missing? anything that stands out to you about her behavior or mood that
7:34 am
she may have been in that night? >> a lot of her friends have talked to us about lauren's patterns. you know, everybody that we've talked to speaks about how responsible lauren is. and that she is very -- it's not typical for her to leave her cell phone anywhere. it's like so many kids and adults, as well. it's really an attachment, an extension of your hand. that's not typical. also, that you know, she was pretty careful. she grew up in manhattan and westchester. it wouldn't be typical for her to strike out on her own, i don't think. >> i would say, she's a street-smart kid. she wouldn't go with a stranger. >> right. >> it's not something that she -- we would expect she would
7:35 am
voluntarily leave on her own or go with someone that she didn't know. >> and i know adding to your anguish is the fact that she has a heart condition that requires medication. can you tell us more about that, charlene? >> she was diagnosed probably around the time she was 12 or 13. and it's an irregular heartbeat. she is described beta blockers. lauren's never displayed that many symptoms or any symptoms, actually. but what can happen, i'm sure people have heard about athletes who are playing basketball and then just drop dead on the basketball court. your heart doesn't recover quickly enough between beats. and you lose oxygen. it can result in your death. >> oh, my. i know that you have said, charlene, and we heard you in
7:36 am
barbara pinto's piece, that somebody must know something. they must have seen something. what do you want to say to anybody that may have some information? >> what i want to say is -- and my husband keeps reiterating this, as well, is we had such a huge outpouring of help and people in our community back in new york. friends that have come out to support us. and strangers, lauren's friends, everybody is ready, willing and able to help us. what i want to say is to the person that has lauren, or that knows where lauren is. if you have a shred of decency, you have to come forward. you know, lauren is a beautiful, wonderful girl. and, yes. she's beautiful on the outside. it's all image, so much of the world is. but inside, she's a wonderful, warm girl. she would do anything for any of her friends. and for that one person, the one
7:37 am
person that has the answer to this mystery and this puzzle, bring lauren back. let us know where she is. take her to a hospital. take her -- you know, let us have her back. i am pleading with that one person because there is one person there that knows. and if there is a person who is a relative or a friend or an acquaintance that heard something strange or out of order, please call the bloomington police department. and that is my plea. >> we hear you loud and clear. charlene and robert, again, many prayers. as you said, you are from this area. the many vigils being held here in the new york area, as well. we will keep in touch. >> i would like to say something. i would like to thank the people of bloomington. all of the volunteers. the merchants that have
7:38 am
supported us with all of their time, unselfishly. we are hoping today to have a meeting with the mayor and the president of indiana university, to see how they can best provide resources to the bloomington police department, so that we can keep up this effort to find lauren. >> i'm glad you're getting the help. you're very welcome, sir. robert and charlene, take care. let's go back outside to sam outside. >> hey, robin. can't imagine the strength they have to have this morning. we're going to start in minneapolis. we'll show you a sky shot. here's a little encouraging news. yesterday, 103 degrees there. today, 79. so, there is a sign that some cooler air is trying to break through and get into some areas that are getting so warm. d.c., today, a live shot there. will be about 96 degrees. you see the haze and the heat. one thing about d.c., is the humidity that comes up with the heat, makes it unbearable there. we said 96.
7:39 am
san antonio, 92. chicago at 94. atlanta at 93. and most of the country in that 90 to 100-degree range. here's where the storms pop up today. keep your eyes on your local abc stations. when the heat is this and we are live in times square this morning. all that weather was brought to you by hallmark. robin? >> okay, sam. palace help wanted. are you ready to work for [ female announcer ] father's day is not for celebrating dads. come on dad! [ female announcer ] it's for celebrating all our dads are. our fellow explorers... can i touch him? yeah. ow! [ female announcer ] ...personal doctors...
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look out for your coupon in this sunday's papers. ♪ just love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just kiss me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just want me ♪ l-o-v-e ♪ love, love, love now, to prince william and kate. they're getting ready to move
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into a new home, kensington palace. that means they're going to need a lot of help, as well. and nick watt has been tracking that from london. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. believe it or not, since they've been married, kate and william have been sharing a place with prince harry. but not for much longer. they're about to move in behind these golden gates. sure, they'll still hang out with prince harry. all of them dolled up for the horse races this week. but thankfully, they no longer have to live with the little brother. >> it's a cozy relationship. william, kate and harry living under one roof. maybe it's the noise harry made when he came home from the nightclub. >> reporter: weekdays, they'll stay in wales, where will's a search and rescue pilot and kate has been spotted at the local supermarket. weekends, this is their new london pad, kensington palace. william spent much of his childhood here. charles and diana moved in after
7:45 am
their wedding. and diana stayed on after the divorce. the focus of national mourning after her death. queen victoria was born here. and fun-loving princess margaret hosted the beatles and others when she lived here. but the reality might not be quite as glamorous as it sounds. >> they won't live in the whole place. it's an enormous, sprawling building. they'll move into a smaller apartment, temporarily, where we believe, princess margaret, the queen's late sister, the apartment is renovated, security up, everything like that, which could take months and months. >> reporter: remember their prewedding pledge to keep it real? no servants? now, they're advertising for a housekeeper/dresser. >> no staff. no staff. six months time, somebody will be putting toothpaste on their toothbrushes. >> reporter: dresser does not mean stylist. kate will choose her own
7:46 am
clothes. and some of her favorite shopping haunts are right there on her new doorstep. remember, at the end of this month, kate and william are headed your way. they're going to canada first. then, california. you guys will be able to check out up close, kate's sense of style. and also, the skills of that new dresser. >> we will not be the only ones. thanks, nick. i heard you got the scoop of a little in-law bonding, as well. >> reporter: apparently harry is going to teach kate how to fly. william is too busy. i don't buy that. i think william didn't want to do it. harry is stepping up. he's going to teach kate how to fly. coming up, the unbelievable costumes you have to see to believe. one dad's year-long quest to embarrass his son as he heads to school. father and son join us live. ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall
7:47 am
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coming up, is this the most-hated man in america right now? "the bachelorette" bombshell that has many people in america talking. >> that ahead. plus, summertime snacking. we are the tips you need to keep your kids' good food habits on track. we have some tips from cameron mathison. >> and the dad with all of the costumes? yeah. looking forward to that. now, the how-to for fresher, more beautiful skin, brought to you by olay. who doesn't love a trip to the spa? a good facial and relaxing massage? but how do protect your skin in go to olay facial cleansers remove 2x more dirt and makeup. for skin so naturally beautiful, it'd be a shame to cover it up. cleansers by olay. to talk about our blueberry juice drinks. they're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries, so they're good for you -- taste real good, too! let's whip up a sample.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
a 17-year-old suspect arrested in the shooting death of a three-month-old baby in east palo alto could find out whether he'll be charged as an adult. he one of two men that opened fire on car. both of the baby's parents injured. westbound 80 at central. three cars involved in shoulder. slow traffic. take touted bay bridge, live picture, things look like they are moving smooth sli li. >> that is quiet.
7:57 am
next seven days, summer is here. low ofd ace around the coast, low 70s around the bay and upper 70s inland. morn at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ summer, summer, summertime time to sit back and unwind ♪ good morning, america. summertime is here. and we know that because -- they need a shot of sam right here. top-to-bottom. go straight down to the toes. there it is. the sandals are out. it is summer. we also know because the amusement parks are open. the fairs are open. we went to one on sunday. it was frozen custard, funnel cakes, fried chicken. all of those not-so-healthy treats. but they're a lot of fun. so, we're going to balance it out. cameron mathison is here to balance it out with healthy
8:01 am
treats that will keep your kids strong and growing all summer long. >> i just can't take my eyes off of sam's feet right now. lara, did you hear about the drama on "the bachelorette"? it's been the big talk, you guys. ashley hebert. her heart is broken. left in tears, after the man she said was everything she had been looking for. in two short weeks -- sorry. called it quits. inside, what really happened. we're going to take you. >> the first time. this has not happened to me yet. my wife has not come in and said, it's time for plastic surgery. but it's happening to more and more men right now. a lot going in for nips and tucks. and, lara, also, your list this morning. >> i am. lara's list, includes, flip-flops are on the list, sam. we have shoes, accessories. everything you need to be on-point this summer. and nothing is more than $20. and i am not only -- i walk the
8:02 am
walk. i talk the talk. because i'm wearing $7. and so many other great finds. i got you. don't worry. >> you better brought back some. >> i have flip-flops for you. to josh and the morning news. >> thank you, robin. we begin with breaking news this morning. osama bin laden's apparent successor has released a new video tape today. vowing to avenge bin laden's death. quote, blood for blood, end quote. the egyptian doctor who was binn laden's top deputy called on his followers to remain the 9/11 attacks. especially the attack on the pentagon. his anger confirmed has indeed taken over the head of al qaeda. back in this country, as record-setting heat approaches the east coast, firefighters in eastern arizona are setting small fires, hoping to starve a massive wildfire and stop it from reaching two more towns.
8:03 am
7,000 people are on standby to evacuate. and you can call it an unwelcome home. army soldiers returning from afghanistan are crying foul after being charged nearly $3,000 in baggage fees by delta airlines because they had to check four pieces of luggage per person, including their weapons. now, after being ordered to pay up, they got out their cameras to mount this protest. members of the u.s. army detachment 62, returned tuesday, from an almost year-long deployment to afghanistan, to what they describe as a rude awakening. >> we had a little issue with the bag this morning. >> reporter: each of them were charged to check their bags. as they headed back to their base in louisiana, delta says it's their policy. unless they're traveling first
8:04 am
class or business class, they're charged $200 for any additional bag. these soldiers were traveling coach. the soldiers say they posted this video to explain their extra bags weren't full of souvenirs and personal effects. >> what was that fourth bag for you? >> for me, it was a weapons case. a tool i used to protect myself and afghan citizens while i was deployed. >> reporter: while the military will reimburse the soldiers for that fee, they say, that's not the point. >> our unit paid over $2,800 for a fourth bag that our travel orders actually authorize. >> that's correct. >> reporter: in response, a delta spokesperson says, and i quote, we would like to publicly apologize to those servicemen and women for any miscommunication regarding our current policies. we will be reaching out to each of them to address their concerns. now, many military families say many soldiers don't have that money on-hand when they return to the u.s.
8:05 am
and american airlines faced a similar controversy just a few years ago. it eventually agreed to waive the fees. hear, hear. that's a quick look at the headlines. let's get it back to sam champion and his feet, with this very hot forecast. >> hey, josh. good morning. by the way, conner and austin are standing in front of me from illinois. did you notice the buttons? the foursquare buttons are really catching on. everyone's checking in. one or two things going on this morning as you head outside. we want to show you this picture. it's an interesting graphic from weather underground. where all of the smoke has gone from those fires in arizona. look, des moines, kansas city, denver. the heat stays up. midland, 101. the heat has spread to new england. go
8:06 am
we are a cool crowd in the hot air in times square. we are a cool crowd in the hot air in times square. robin? george? >> thank you, sam. now, to the story of dale price. he's gunning for the title of world's most embarrassing dad. turns out, it also makes him a pretty amazing dad. here's how dale did it. getting up every year to wave to his son as his son caught the bus to school. but dale didn't stop there. he showed up in costume, a different one, every, single day. dale and his son, rainn, are here today. but first, have a look at his many looks. it started with a chargers helmet and jersey. but as the school days progressed, so did the costumes. >> this was a poor idea just gone crazy.
8:07 am
>> reporter: for 170 days, dale price, a stay-at-home dad in utah dressed in costume and waved at his son's school bus, just to embarrass him. there were nine superheroes. four rock stars. good clowns. and scary ones. his only rule, never wear a costume twice. so, he borrowed from friends and transformed everyday items into genius creations. spending only $50 in total. he dressed as almost every character from "the wizard of oz," "the little mermaid," and "star wars." there was a chiquita banana. in november. a santa claus in december. even a blushing pride in june. and for rainn's 16th birthday, just a birthday suit. from the simple to the absurd, the whimsical to the elaborate. every day, a little wave. to an absolutely mortified son. and dale and rain price join us now. you should have seen rain's face
8:08 am
when he saw "the little mermaid" costume one more time. >> oh, gosh. >> that was the worst? >> yeah. >> definitely the worst one. >> that was it? >> yeah. >> where did this idea come from? >> the beginning of the year, the school bus came down our street. they changed the bus route. my wife came in the house, and said, the bus is coming down the street. so, we both went out, my wife and i. and waved at the bus. >> i get that. you went out the first day. and? >> he came home. and he was telling his mother, mom, please, please, please, don't let dad go back out there. >> begging. >> i don't blame you. >> i overheard it. once i overheard it i thought, you know what? it's on. here we go. >> did you tell him? or did you surprise him? >> surprised him. >> okay. so, day two. what was the first costume? >> it was a chargers jersey and helmet. >> and what happened? >> embarrassment still. horrified. >> so, when did it turn? when did you think, this is kind of fun?
8:09 am
>> the last couple months of school. >> so, in costume 143. is that before or after "the little mermaid"? >> it was after. >> after. >> okay. so, that was after. and i take it, "little mermaid," that was the lowest day. >> yes. lowest day was "little mermaid." >> i thought i pulled it off rather well. >> the whole crew did, actually. a lot of compliments for your shells. [ laughter ] and which was the one that you just loved the most? you said, dad, you outdid yourself? >> the white trash one. >> the white trash one. okay. >> it has him sitting in a lawn chair, with a mullet. >> a mullet. >> and a trucker's hat. >> a wife beater. >> a wife beater. >> i don't know if we have photo of that one. and this amazed everybody here.
8:10 am
170 costumes. $50? >> $50, yeah. less than that. >> how did you do that? >> you know, anybody can walk around their house and find things in the garage, the basement, that you can piece together. and when i got really desperate, i put out the call to the neighborhood saying, does anybody have anything? you do not want to know what is in your neighbors' closets. i'll tell you that right now. >> i'm sure that's true. in the end, it was a good thing. >> yeah. in the end, it was just fun and laughing on the bus the whole way. >> you are a good dad. thank you both for coming in this morning. >> yeah, thank you. now, to sam and the morning menu. >> grab your second cup of coffee, with "the gma morning menu." this morning, "the bachelorette" bombshell. everybody is talking about the scene last night on "the bachelorette." we'll go into it live. plus, am i looking younger to you? maybe because more and more men are going under the knife. i kid. i kid. why more men are making the cut. plus, cameron with sensational summer snacks for the whole family.
8:11 am
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♪ and the ones tomorro♪ ill bring. ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. introducing purina one beyond
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"bachelorette" fans buzzing about the bombshell monday night, when the bachelor that looked like he was ashley hebert's favorite dropped out. it lit up the message boards. now, ashley is talking about it for the first time. andrea canning has the story. >> i came in thinking, ashley was not attractive at all. i'm going to make ashley cry. i hope my hair looks okay.
8:16 am
>> reporter: it's comments like that that have made bentley williams the most-hated bachelor in history. >> there's this man that is evil. >> evil? >> evil. >> oh, evil. >> now, afterwards, did you all take a shower, like i did? i washed my eyes with soap. >> bad, bentley, bad. is anybody meaner than this guy? >> reporter: out of the 25 men supposed to be vying for ashley hebert's hand in marriage, he was actually saying, i don't, from the very beginning. >> i'm bentley. >> reporter: bad bentley was causing trouble before the season even started. >> i received a message from a friend of mine, telling me that i should be warned about bentley. >> reporter: ashley told her story of betrayal to "people" magazine. >> ashley was warned by her fellow bachelor contestant, michelle, there's a guy on your
8:17 am
season. he's going to be on for the wrong reasons. he will be on for a couple weeks, promote his business, and he's out of there. >> reporter: after confronting bentley -- >> this person said i should watch out for you. and your intentions on coming here weren't the best. >> reporter: ashley believed the single dad from salt lake city was there for all the right reasons. >> i feel like i can trust him forever. >> reporter: but putting her heart on the line did not end well. >> ashley is a sweet girl. but there's no question that ashley doesn't have the checklist that i'm looking for in a future wife. it's not going to work. i could care less. i don't give a [ bleep ] about her. >> my heart is totally broken. i don't know what to do. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: last night, for the first time, ashley spoke about her misery on "jimmy kimmel." >> from the bottom of my heart,
8:18 am
that hurt me so much. >> reporter: bentley wished "the bash lorette" was emily from last season, calling her a standout. >> i would rather not try to plan a wedding with her. >> why didn't i see that? >> reporter: he is taking extra heat for dragging his young daughter in the storyline, using her as an excuse to leave ashley and the show. >> i talked about the need to go for my daughter. and she was going for it. i started to tear up. my eyes got watery. and she consoled me. >> this is just a game for him. and i do understand that bentley will return later this season. but i'm not quite sure what his motivations were or if we'll ever get the opportunity to find out. >> wow. have you ever seen anyone so mean? >> i don't know how that's going to help whatever business he has. >> he's going to be on the men tell all episode. and ashley's going to find out
8:19 am
if he's remorseful and get some answers. >> do we know how she's doing right now? >> she's in a really good place. she is not saying if she picked anyone. just that she's happy. >> andrea canning, thanks very much. tune into "the bachelorette" next monday, at 8:00, 7:00 central. lara? >> thank you, george. to face-lifts to botox, to love handles. men are jumping on the plastic surgery bandwagon. plastic surgery procedures make up 16% of all surgeries in the u.s. it's not always easy to get women to fess up. but we did find some guys to tell all. this was 59-year-old david culpepper just six months ago. this is david today. >> i had a face-lift and a chin implant. >> reporter: the virginia beach resident made the decision to go under the knife, after a conversation with his fiancee,
8:20 am
cindy, a few months before their wedding. >> i lost a lot of weight. and skin was sagging on me. people said, you look more like your dad every day. >> reporter: in the last year, face-lifts among men rose 14%. liposuction rose 7%. >> men just want to look better in general. it's not just for women anymore. >> reporter: women have been pulled and plucked for decades. but now, it seems, men are just as anxious to avert the effects of father time. >> you look like a botox dog and horribly wrong. no, my god. you didn't? >> reporter: look at this episode of "modern family." jay tried to hide a botched botox job. >> what are you thinking? you're a veteran. >> this conversation has ended. let's go. >> reporter: like their female counterparts, younger and younger men are giving it a go. >> i'm going to get injections here. >> reporter: michael shawn, an
8:21 am
enthusiastic botox user, is among a growing group of men who see something wrong with getting tweaks here and there. >> people who take pride in how they look. and i definitely feel like, you know, they get far. >> reporter: plastic surgeons like dr. david hidalgo who performed david culpepper's surgeries, said that on men it can be trickier than their female counterparts. >> the structure is bigger. the skin is thicker. it takes longer to do the surgery. >> reporter: but for david, the recovery time was well worth it. >> i see myself now. you look good. feels good. >> reporter: and cindy, who is now his wife, couldn't agree more. >> he's so handsome. he always had a beautiful smile. now, with a new jaw line, he's extremely handsome. >> if you know a guy that looks amazingly refreshed, consider this. according to "the wall street journal" 1.2 million men had something done in the last year.
8:22 am
one of the reasons is improving technology. men are more comfortable with the idea of plastic surgery because the recovery time is more predictable. and dr. hidalgo says in our youth-obsessed culture, men want to remain competitive in the workplace. robin? >> josh and sam are right next to me. you're doing this story. george has stuck it out. and they just flee. i don't know why. we're not accusing any of you of that. all right? how about hot dogs? you were. >> sold up the river for a line. >> hot dogs, custard and funnel cakes. how do you keep your kids eating healthy as the weather gets warmer? our cameron mathison joins us from l.a. >> no plastic surgery. >> he needs no plastic surgery, even though he's in l.a. what have you got for us, cam? >> eating healthy.
8:23 am
that's the trick here. whether you're by the pool, or on the road on vacation, here's ideas to keep your family eating healthy on the go this summer. summer's coming. are you ready? i spent a recent morning at my neighborhood grocery store, henry's, where i found healthy snacks for summer were already on the grocery list. >> my girls love soybeans. >> reporter: really? >> they do. >> reporter: but instead of juice, 2-year-old annie's mom, like many, adds fruit to water, which keeps her refreshed. >> we do lemon and water. >> reporter: in a reusable bottle. that's fantastic. was that your idea? >> i like my water. >> reporter: does it make the water taste more special? >> yeah. >> reporter: kind of like it's juice but not, right? >> refreshing. >> you get the fresh fruit floating in the water. it's less sugar.
8:24 am
and watered-down fruit juice is perfect. >> reporter: fruit is the number one tip for summer. and little brendan could not wait to get home for his favorite snack, blueberries, which he gobbled the entire time i talked to his mom. look at brendan go. even enjoying the occasional bitter one. but don't take brendan's blueberries away. no way. no how. >> here's some buries. >> reporter: tip two. keep the veggies nearby, in a cool place, of course. >> i get, like, carrots. >> reporter: carrots. >> apples. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> onion rings. >> reporter: onion rings? wow. huh? one of the most nutritious summer snacks, goji berries. according to this, one of the most nutrient-rich foods on
8:25 am
earth. also great on-the-go snacks, nuts and seeds. you're a fit guy. how do you stay that way? >> berries. some bars here. a pack of kale salad to go. >> reporter: that's hard-core. >> you have some olive oil, rub it in, sesame seeds and lemon. >> reporter: what do you do when you go to the movies? lots of tempting sugary soda and candy and popcorn. but hold the butter, salt and oil, please. get this trick. bring spices for your popcorn. paprika and nutmeg. try it. >> did you bring the goji berries? >> no. >> reporter: you didn't? i always come prepared. of course, we can't forget barbecue, right. try veggie burgers or turkey
8:26 am
burgers. and dump the bun. try this. wrap it in healthy lettuce. mm. crunchy. of course, use salsa instead of ketchup, less sugar. oh. sorry, ketchup. and that not-so-secret trick. use mustard instead of mayonnai mayonnaise. for our sweet tooth, frozen pops and bananas and grapes are a great snack. and what would summer be without our favorite indulgence. occasional indulgence. that summer staple, ice cream. get ready for summer. >> yummy. >> hey, listen. one of the reasons we eat healthy is to treat ourselves every once in a while. right, robin? >> especially with those adorable kids. thanks.
8:27 am
8:28 am
bay bridge, live look, median lights remain on but traffic lighter than unusual. >> slight delays and mike nicco
8:29 am
navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. welcome back. already starting to see thing in the clouds and by noon sunshine everywhere. temperatures in the 50s, more seasonable temperatures, low 60s along the coast. upper 50s to low 70s around the bay shore and even an 80 in
8:30 am
antioch and cloverdale. inland should hang around mid-80s but low to mid-70s around the bay. [ cheers and applause ] here we go. big crowd here in times square, led also by toni braxton and her sisters. they're all here. hit reality tv stars. all great singers. and we're going to find out, great cooks, as well, with strawberry short cake this morning. >> there's toni. is she always doing that? grabbing the spotlight from you guys? all the time. we'll see if they can burn in the kitchen. and do you think you have what it takes to be the next mob wife or anything on reality tv? >> lara does. >> she does. we're going to look at how to become a reality tv star.
8:31 am
and, lara, you have your list? >> i have my list. get a pen and paper. every style you see is under 20 bucks. and how many of you wanted to tell emeril what to cook on friday? we all have. now, it's your chance. tomorrow, he's going to be here. today, you can tell him what to cook. send in your favorite burger. do it on the android or the iphone. our "gma" app is right there. go to our website at you know what's coming up on friday, too? j. hud. jennifer hudson. good eats from emeril and good music from jennifer hudson. >> it's the burger thing. >> that's casual friday for most of us. apparently, it's casual wednesday for sam. >> the front office, you know, i'm going in for a meeting. all i was going to say, when you tell emeril what to cook, you're telling us what to eat. make sure it's good. >> please, consider us.
8:32 am
talk about the sliders. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we're going to talk about. we're going to show you twitter video. one of the things we've been not able to talk about is the drought going through a good part of the country. this is the twitter video out of georgia. look at the dust being picked up there. it's a really bad situation. we show you the drought map. we've been talking about texas in drought. 90% of the state is in severe or exceptional drought. look how far it extends in the country. this heat doesn't help. it makes the drought even worse. it's a good part of the south and the southeast, from that southeastern coastline back into arizona. here's a look at the national map and what you're in for today. we talk about the heat in most of the country. but it is slightly cooler than normal, continuing that way on the west coast. spokane about 62
8:33 am
all of this lusciousness -- and i don't mean the berries. the braxton family is here. you guys are gorgeous. who is the best cook? >> i am. >> me. >> i see a problem here. all right. who is the worst cook? oh. >> don't say me. >> trina? >> it comes from a box. >> my stuff is delicious. >> all right. this is going to be good. stay tuned. george? robin? >> you're starting trouble down there. it's time again for lara's list. she took to the streets to track down six summer steals for under $20. you're not going to believe these looks. they're fashion-forward and bank account-friendly? >> 100%.
8:34 am
i like the idea of being fashionable in the summer. there's no reason for spending a lot of money. we found the hottest trends at the lowest prices, from gladiator scandals to cocktail rings. with temperatures skyrocketing, we hit the sale racks to beat the heat on a budget. we have a nod to the nautical. this summer, a salute to sailors everywhere. the stripped shirt is back. and not just in navy. these ts are $8.50 at old navy. if you buy more than one, the price gets knocked down to $7.50 a pop. we love the trend of the gladiator sandal. >> you can dress them up or down. you can wear them with a pantsuit or longer dress. or wear them with shorts. >> very comfortable. and they're great. >> reporter: payless shoe source
8:35 am
has an endless selection. these shoes are under $20 each. and if you buy one pair, you get the second half-off. another trend this summer, the crisp pairing of blue and white. h&m are all over this trend. you and your minifashionista can be frugal and a philanthropist. h&m has teamed up with water aid. 20% will be donated to provide safer water and sanitation to those in need in asia. another trend to keep an eye on, the cocktail ring. panther, meet the h&m zebra. >> cocktail rings are back. this bad boy was $5.95. wonder twin powers, activate. we followed a woman across the street wearing the same $5 fashion fix, just in another color.
8:36 am
are you ready to enter a time warp? two on our list will have you flip-flopping between the '60s and the '80s. the offthe shoulder is a flashback to "flash dance." and who would have thought that macrame would be back? ringing in at $17.94, it won't break your budget. and cargo pants are all the rage this summer. and this pair has been marked down from $39.50 to $14.95. >> they're comfortable. it's easy to wear. >> going to get cargo pants. today, i would wear a pair of these. >> if you want to get a couple of things this summer, look for a beaded earring. very '70s. the gladiator sandal, very big. and it's all about the cocktail ring. and nothing here, again, is a
8:37 am
touch over $20. check out our website. we'll have all the details for you. you don't need to be, you know -- >> spending a lot. >> no, you don't. i love those. you wear those all the time on your way in. the flip-flops and the striped t. dress it up. dress it down. >> you can still be in style. >> that's the deal. >> thank you, lara. to find out more -- plus, get extra. head to our website. think you have what it takes to be the next big reality star? we'll tell you what you need to know.
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so, what does it take to be the next snooki, real housewife or bachelor? deborah roberts is here with an inside look at how the stars are chosen. >> reporter: love them or hate them. so many people are captivated by these reality shows. and if you ever wondered what it takes to be a reality star, you have to get through a pretty tough casting process first. we sat down with casting directors to get the scoop on how you can survive the cut. so, you can't do this.
8:41 am
or this. ♪ or that. and you're not close to being a celebrity. but you still want to be a tv star. well, fortunately for you, there are plenty of options. >> usually what you're looking for is someone that can't help but be themselves. and within that world, either they're funny. they're going to cause conflict or they're sexy. if you don't remember them, i've done an awful job. >> reporter: scott saylars' job is casting those. >> we're looking for someone to do background. >> reporter: how does a person get the gig? >> the person who are attracted to these shows are people who like to have people look at them. you get a camera on them and they know people are watching, they amp it up. they can't help it. the kinds of people that are, like, i can't believe i'm saying this, but -- let it all out.
8:42 am
>> when i hit you, you get hurt. >> no filter, we call it. >> reporter: the unfiltered types are bread and butter. >> how would your friends describe you? >> probably a little out of control. >> reporter: they're freelance reality show casting directors, too, who apply assertive personalities for shows like "survivor," "blind date," and "millionaire matchmaker." today, we caught up with them, searching for the right mix for an anonymous future reality dating show. >> top secret. >> we know what we're looking for. >> reporter: are you looking for a hunk of a guy? or woman. >> yes. >> reporter: they have set up shop atop hollywood boulevard's crave club at the "w" hotel.
8:43 am
>> craziest date. i puked all over. >> reporter: brutally honest shane is one of seven women and ten guys, hoping to make the cut. special skills make you memorable. >> say something in japanese. >> reporter: and of course, when trying out for a dating show, it helps if you're single. >> not dating anybody? >> yeah. i'm dating but -- we're engaged. >> oh. okay. for this, we're looking for single people. >> reporter: legitimate singles discover, no question is out of bounds. >> don't get offended. this is l.a. are your boobs real? >> yeah. >> reporter: honesty is the best policy. that question, are your boobs real, did they seem honest? >> they should be. especially for the mored a eventualry, outdoorsy shows,
8:44 am
what could happen to them, you have to be careful. >> reporter: do you find yourselves looking at people all the time? at the grocery store. at a restaurant? >> all the time. >> reporter: i was looking at the servers around the pool. >> gorgeous. >> she would be what we call o.t.s., on the show. you're not going to be overlooked if you're that gorgeous sometimes. she's beautiful. >> reporter: it's hard for people to escape your notice? >> oh, yeah. you'd probably be good for a show. >> reporter: thank you. i was waiting for you to ask. i'm not running out to do that. but you see outrageous behavior on these shows. and it's worked. but do they have regrets about that over-the-top behavior? tonight on "20/20," we talk to some of them. and some have thought twice about the behavior in front of the camera. >> i would not be surprised. did that last waitress get hired? >> she might get hired. they are looking constantly. you never know. >> i have a future? >> you might have a future.
8:45 am
you never know. >> i will be embarrassed if i do it. you can see more tonight, on a special "20/20," "reality rules" when tv gets real. when we come back, all of the braxtons are here. they@b i'm chef michael, and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired. [ beep ] [ male announcer ] find an italian masterpiece in your grocer's freezer. buitoni shrimp and lobster ravioli with garlic butter sauce. simple ingredients, artfully prepared. create an italian masterpiece. buitoni. in the freezer section.
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8:47 am
it is a huge hit on reality tv. we're talking about "braxton family values." and toni braxton and her beautiful sisters. and momma snuck in on the end. it's been picked up for a second season. you can see they're going to teach us how to cook something. one of their favorite desserts. let's see what happens when you sit down with your daddy. oh, you see the reaction. let's see. >> wanda was not always my lover. she was my friend. >> you were running for ten,
8:48 am
long years. >> kicking it for ten years? for real? >> ten, long years. >> are you serious? >> to accept your whatever she may be. you don't speak to them for eight years. >> you're in relationships. >> don't worry what i've got. >> don't worry about my relationships. >> wow. >> toni is over here like, i'm so sorry. it's okay. you own it. introduce your sisters to us. >> this is tamar, the youngest. towanda. traci, trina, and then, my mom. >> now, i'm the baby of my family, too. i get that. plus, love your husband. he works with toni. you better. you better. i know. so, it's already been picked up for a second season. >> yeah.
8:49 am
>> you have the season finale coming up next tuesday. give us the flavor, towanda, what we can expect. >> a lot of drama. >> no. >> absolutely. you can't do it without drama. but we do it with love. and it's very important for everybody to understand that we love each other. we fight hard. we cry hard. but we love each other. >> and that's true. that's the underlying theme. your mom is beaming down. let's get another sister in here. do you all really cook? >> we do. >> i'm the executive chef. >> she is mine. >> she's not. >> my mom is an amazing cook. she taught us how to cook. >> trina can't cook. she can bake. >> don't believe it. >> toni's like -- >> thank you. for acknowledging that. >> i feel it. let's get to cooking. >> all right. >> what do we have here? strawberry shortcake. >> a little lemon or orange.
8:50 am
the first thing i'm going to do is cream together the butter an my sugar. >> please do. >> okay. >> add the sugar. >> that's a lot of butter. a lot of sugar. >> it's pound cake. >> that's how we do it. >> and crack some eggs. >> maybe you should open the egg here. and then crack it. >> that's right. >> big sister helping you out like that. >> always. >> and three eggs. >> mix it together? >> going to mix it up. >> stand clear. >> mix it. mix it. mix it. mix it. mix. mix. >> when it gets to that point, you want to sift the flour. >> all of the dry ingredients. the baking power and salt. >> sift, sift, sift. >> it's going to go fast. >> sorry. >> do you sing when you're in your kitchen? >> we do.
8:51 am
>> i'm going to move down a little bit. >> are you almost done? >> yeah. almost. >> all right. for tv purposes -- >> tamar, put in the flower, towanda. >> it's like their bowls. >> yeah. >> get in there. get in there. >> move over. >> and the orange juice. >> all right. >> whoa. >> sorry. >> hang on. >> don't need the mixer anymore. >> no more mixing. then, we have the strawberries. and if you add sugar to the strawberries. >> more sugar? >> and this is grand marnier. this is optional.
8:52 am
but i choose to opt for it. put it in. >> hurry. hurry. >> okay. >> whipped cream. whipped cream. >> okay. >> a little whipped cream. >> and a little more grand marnier. >> okay. >> it smells good. >> all right. >> it comes out looking like that. >> all beautiful. >> it comes out really, really nice. looking like this. really great. delicious. >> the season finale of "braxton family values," next tuesday on the w.e. network. and get the recipe online. [ cheers and applause ] hfhfhfhff
8:53 am
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8:55 am
how dry i am. momma braxton, just gave her daughters saying, she likes you.
8:56 am
doesn't just love you. but she likes her daughters so much. >> we want to say a special good-bye to meredith vieira, her last day on the "today" show. we're not going to miss competing against her. but what a warm and lovely professional. >> she is a dear friend to many of us here. and we wish her the very, very best with richard and her kids. it's been wonderful. >> see you tomorrow. memememememx
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
authorities san francisco are investigating the fatal shooting of a suspected bank robber by a police officer. investigators say the man tried to run over officers in the haight-ashbury as they approached him. the f.b.i. had tracked the suspect from southern california by following gps navigation in his stolen car. let's check in with traffic right now. what do we have. 101 in san rafael, live look, you can see lots of cars southbound from highway 37 to 580 and live look in san jose, northbound 280, relatively slow from will 80 to 285. >> we'll see more clouds linger around the


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